About TotalCityGirl.com and Stacey Natal  
Helloooo...it's me!!

Ever since I can remember I have always been into arts & crafts and drawn to anything creative.  I always seem to want to "make things".  

I grew up in NY and went to college at SUNY Albany where I studied math and computers.  Eeeek!  What was I thinking?!?   It wasn't until halfway through that I finally took some art classes which I absolutely LOVED!

After school, I didn't listen to my passion and instead got a job as a computer programmer which then lead into systems analyst and software trainer.  I couldn't take it anymore!  I had to do something creative so I started a gift basket business called Basket Mania.  One benefit of being in the computer field was that I also had friends that were techies. When the internet was still in its infancy, they wanted to use Basket Mania as a guinea pig so I registered basket.com.  
Woo Hoo!!  I still own it today.

The basket biz was fun because it allowed me to be creative. I really enjoy making things look great.  Presentation is so important!  I joined a lot of networking groups because I wanted to focus on getting corporate accounts.  After my first daughter Olivia was born, I had to slow it down a bit to spend more time with her.  Then when Ruby was born 2 1/2 years later, I really had to phase it out because it was just too time consuming.  With the baskets, I was trying to be everything to everyone.  I never said no to any crazy request.  It just got to be too much. 

I couldn't stop making things though!  

It's All About The Hair

Having curly hair and 2 daughters with the same curly locks, hair is definitely a big issue for me.  Trying to control all that fuzz isn't easy.  When my sister and I were growing up, all we ever wanted was straight hair and we drove our mother crazy making her try all different techniques to get rid of the curls.  Now I just accept it... but I still want it to look good! When I was looking for hairclips for my daughters, I never really liked what I found.  I was never into the big bow look and the clips I did find just wouldn't stay in their hair.  They were made for thin straight hair.  That's when I decided...I can make my own!!  I love the hairclips that I make!  They have that "oh how cute" factor to them.  I wanted the presentation to be just as cute so I package them in clear purse pouches tied with satin ribbon.  My girls love them and I hope yours will as well.

Snap Happy

I've always been interested in photography, took some classes, learned how to develop and always took lots of pictures. But ever since my 2 daughters were born, (and having a digital camera) it's gotten a bit out of control!  I have tons of pictures and really wanted to get into the scrapbooking thing.  I would spend hours at craft stores buying all the necessities - paper, stickers, enhancements and albums.  Then what happened...NOTHING!!!  I just couldn't get started.  The thought of a huge 12 X 12 album was just too overwhelming, and besides, who has the time?  Then I came up with the idea of making my own smaller albums and making them a little more special by making them accordion style.  I LOVE these albums because I can use all the great paper that I find (I have a bit of a paper obsession) to make cool and interesting covers.  The albums are quick to do because basically it fits one picture per page.  These make great gifts as well.  

I hope you enjoy TotalCityGirl.com.  I want it to be a place where Total City Girls such as myself can have a place to find fun and unique items as well as network with other City Girls following their passion.



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